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I'm short on time, so this will be pretty Spartan, so I'm not making links from the Scripture passages to 
a Bible program, etc.
I plan to add on this over the next week or so, so check back periodically.

Some Passages of Scripture from which we can draw a definition of Marriage:

  • Genesis 1:26-2:25
  • Matthew 19:3-12
  • Malachi 2:10-16
  • 1 Corinthians 7
  • Hebrews 13:4
  • Ephesians 5:22-33
  • 1 Peter 3:1-7
  • Romans 13:1-2

Here is an article that explores the Bible’s teaching about marriage: 

Since I haven't put anything here for a while, I'm posting this at the top.  The question this page speaks to, 

sparks a great many other questions.  Just exactly what is the role of the church in this matter of public

debate, and what is her best way of fulfilling that role?

Here is a video by Vodie Baucham that exposes some of the myths of romantic love.  Good stuff & good 


One more article for now:

More Material added on May 4:

  • Here is another video.  Pastor Tim Keller took some flak for his answer to this question.  I actually,
  •  thought it was, considering that it was a Q&A time in a hostile environment, by a hostile interviewer, 
  • given in six minutes, that it was pretty good.  Note at the end his use of the term flourishing.  Sin is 
  • not only that which prevents us from flourishing, but in part it is that.  

  • Here is an article that gives an overview of Christian Colleges attempting to deal with the gay 
  • movement.  (Even as small as Pacific Islands University is, we have had to adopt admission policies 
  • to deal with this issue.)  One of the people quoted in the article is Wesley Hill.  I read his book Washed 
  • and Waiting,  which is one young Christian's story of dealing with homosexual temptation.