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We have assembled a number of options on this page.  Before we give you the wrong idea, though, we need to tell you what we mean by "options."  Well, tell you what, let's just see what the Bible says.



“And there is salvation in no one else; 

for there is no other name under heaven 

that has been given among men 

by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12, NASB95)  

The options have to do with different ways of exploring Who Jesus is, and what His plan for each of us is.  This page is a bit like a patchwork quilt.  Pick out a section, and explore.  Choose another later.  You'll find that each of presentations below point to that one name that the Apostle Peter spoke of in the Bible passage above.  If you want to talk get in touch.

. . .  "It is hopeless."  There is no medicine that will help; there is no surgery that will correct the malady; no therapy will suffice to reverse the trend of this condition . . . It is hopeless.  We don't like to hear those words.  (click here to download a presentation that Pastor Howard Merrell wrote for one of our Easter serives.  It is a message of hope.)

The Good News About Jesus Christ

The good news begins with bad news:

To read more click here, to read what the Bible says about new life in Christ.

When I say the word "Gospel," you probably think about a particular kind of music, but before the the term became a descriptor for a genre of music, it simply meant "good news."  In the Roman Empire heralds would be sent out to proclaim the victory of Caesar over opposing forces--"Good News."  
You are probably familiar with the announcement of the Christmas angel to the shepherds, "Behold I bring you good news . . ."  The coming of Jesus Christ was, indeed, good news.  It still is, but if we are going to incorporate that good news into our lives, we first have to work through some bad news.  Click on the image to the right.  The video presentation will take about five minutes.