Covington Bible Church

2140 S. Carpenter Drive

Covington VA 24426

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You can listen to messages from CBC at our Truthcasting channel.

 Sunday Schedule:
Early Worship Service, 8:30
Sunday School,            9:45
2nd Worship Service  10:55

Sunday Evening ministries for all ages except adults (CBC Sunday Nite) begin at 5:45.  CBCSN begins at 6:00, but you are welcome to come early.

Wednesday at 7:00 is Prayer Meeting.
You can get more information in our weekly bulletin
Word from the Preachers:

From Pastor Emeritus Howard Merrell

   I have been wearing the title "Emeritus" for about a year now.  I thought it might be good to reflect a bit on how things are going.  For any of you who don't know, I was the Senior Pastor of CBC for about four decades.  After a planned transition Doug Williams became the lead-pastor at our church.  Pastor Brandon came in as Associate as I was leaving.  I'm honored that CBC kept me on as Pastor Emeritus.


How's it going?   Well, Kathy and I are fine.  We remain active as part-time missionaries of CBC, Kathy continues to lead Coffee Break and both of us are active in other ways.  For example, I'm preaching on December 4.  


I'm also glad to say that I think things are going well with the Covington Bible Church.  Let me offer two observations in that regard.


First, things are different.

In this world, though, nothing, apart from God and His truth, remains the same.  God doesn't intend the church to be a museum dedicated to the preservation of the way things used to be.  He expects His Body to be innovative, like the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 9, seeking new ways to share the old message in a changing world.  You can look into the faces of our Associate Pastor and His wife, Brandon and Brittany, and see what the right kind of change looks like.  It is good.  Don't be afraid of it.


Second, I rejoice that many things are the same.  
The middle of our name is more than just a label.  For more than sixty years we have been dedicated to the proclamation of the Bible.  That continues to be at the heart of our ministry.  In addition to that, our current leadership is seeking to do something that we attempted to do when I was leading CBC.  We build on what has gone before. I'm pleased to see that some of the ministries that were begun during my time continue to be used of God.  We adapt and adjust and use them to seek to continue to accomplish the task of making disciples for the Lord.  A great example of this is our Live Nativity.   This outreach has evolved a great deal from the days when people sat in the cold by our rear entrance, listening to music, while they waited to be led on a tour of our three or four scenes, finishing with the Wisemen at the church's front doors.  Yet, our goal for this event remains the same--to share with our community the true message that the Angel proclaimed, "Unto us a Savior is born."  (Click here for more information.)


So with nearly a year of "emeritizing" under my belt, I share the same challenge to CBC that I have shared hundreds of times over most of my life, LET'S GO COVINGTON BIBLE CHURCH!