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 Sunday Schedule:
Early Worship Service, 8:30
Sunday School,            9:45
2nd Worship Service  10:55

Sunday Evening ministries for all ages except adults (CBC Sunday Nite) begin at 5:45.  CBCSN begins at 6:00, but you are welcome to come early.

Wednesday at 7:00 is Prayer Meeting.
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Word from the Preachers:

Who is the ideal woman?

What kind of woman does our society honor? 

In our society, physical attractiveness, education, a lucrative career, and independent, assertive outlook would certainly be at the top of the list. The ideal woman of today is slim, fit, smartly dressed, and ambitious.  Though professionally polite, she lets nothing interfere with her personal goals and self-fulfillment. If a family fits into that, she is admired all the more by somehow fitting motherhood into her career plans.  If not, she is free to be as sexually active as she chooses while pursuing her dreams, and is admired for her desirability.  Such is the ideal woman of 21st century western culture. 

Contrast this image with that of an impoverished widow from a foreign land, who returns with her mother-law after both of their husbands die.  Picture a woman totally lacking in prestige, and whose looks, education or talents are never mentioned.  Yet somehow, this woman’s story is one of two that are given special attention in the Bible with a book that bears her name:  The Book of Ruth. 

What was it about her that was so special, and how can she be a model for women of the 21st century?  We hope you will join us this Sunday as we learn from her story.